Special Flight: Laos VTE- Frankfurt FRA – Seat


Special Flight To Frankfurt

Flight: Vientiane VTE  – to Frankfurt FRA

  • Flight Schedule: –
  • *subject to flight approvals and permissions.
  •  This a special rescue/repatriation flight. Be sure to read all the information below before booking.
  • This flight is closed for booking. You can register your interest HERE for a new flight.
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We regret to inform that the flight on the 1st of October has been cancelled due to insufficient confirmed bookings (pending payments of passengers). In case you would like us to consider a new flight, you can register your interest HERE.

Additional Information

  • An extensive explanation with the terms and conditions for the flight can be found via this link.
  • All additional information and updates regarding this flight are being communicated to registered passengers by email.
  • General information can be found below – please we advise to check the extensive explanation before booking.

Flight Schedule

  • – Flight on 1st of October has been cancelled / postponed until further due.

*Flight departure and arrival time will also be confirmed upon flight approvals and permissions granted. Be aware that based on our previous 2 flights, permits were granted only days before departure. The flight is usually sold out and closed for booking when the permits are issued. We strongly recommend you not to wait for booking your seat.

Please, if you need to book any travel arrangements (for example, if you need to fly from Frankfurt to another country) DO NOT book your journey from Frankfurt yet. This date and time are dependable of flight permits being approved by Laos. We will start working, together with the operator, on getting the correct flight permits. Registered passengers will be informed as soon as we have the approval from the authorities.

The flight final destination is Frankfurt. We are unable to help if you need to fly anywhere else after landing in Frankfurt. It is the passenger’s responsibility to arrange their connections and transportation after arriving in Germany. Following European Union Air passenger rights, ENVOY and its operators are not liable in case passengers miss their connections in Frankfurt due to delays.

The aircraft will be provided by Condor – Charter operator based in Germany. Condor is only providing the aircraft. Condor is not arranging this flight. All communication regarding this flight should be done through ENVOY. Condor is not available for any transmission or arrangements regarding this flight.

Price Per Ticket

Infants do not occupy a seat and, therefore are exempt from paying if travelling on Economy class or Premium Economy. Infants are not allowed to fly on Business Class. Following the policy from EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), only children that have not yet turned two years old by the date of the flight can sit on passenger’s lap. If the child is two years old, he/she must have their seat. The full fare is applicable for every other passenger not consider an Infant.

What do you get booking a Premium Economy or Business Class Seats?

Premium Economy Seats

  • Considerably more legroom
  • Footrest (except the first row)
  • Backrest with greater seat recline
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Amenity kit
  • Additional 5 kilos of free baggage allowance compared to Economy.

Business Class Seats

  • Physically separated cabin with more space and distance between passengers.
  • Fully automatic lie-flat seats with a 170-degree inclination
  • Resting area of more than 1.8 meters when in the sleep position
  • Various electrically adjustable seat positions
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable headrests
  • Power outlet at each seat
  • Individually adjustable reading lamp
  • Side table on the armrest
  • Amenity kit
  • Upgraded catering
  • Additional 10 kilos of free baggage allowance compared to Economy.

Baggage Allowance 

  • Economy Seats: One checked baggage is allowed up to 20 kilos and one cabin baggage up to 8 kilos.
  • Premium Economy Seats: One checked baggage is allowed up to 25 kilos and one cabin baggage up to 8 kilos.
  • Business-class Seats: One checked baggage is allowed up to 30 kilos and one cabin baggage up to 8 kilos.

Extra luggage allowance is not possible at this stage. We will update passengers after the booking is closed, in case it is possible to purchase extra allowance. 

Note: The final destination of this flight is Frankfurt. In case passengers will fly to another destination after arriving in Frankfurt, they must collect their luggage and present to their new airline. Luggage from this flight will not be connected into passenger’s new flight.


The ticket price includes catering. However, the catering service will comply with the guideline issued by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) for flights under COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore catering will be very limited. The usual airline service (food served on trays) with open drinks cannot be served. Expect as catering bottle of water and pre-packaged snacks and fruit. (More offering will be available on the business class).

Unfortunately, the flight has to follow the guideless in place. We strongly recommend passenger to prepare accordingly before boarding. No alternative arrangements are possible for this route (including no vegan option).

In-flight Entertainment

The aircraft assigned for this flight doesn’t have in-flight entertainment in service. We are trying to upgrade the aircraft (with no additional cost). We will communicate to passengers in case that is possible.


Special Services for This Flight

In case you need to use any special service available, please, contact us via email with your booking order.

• Travelling with Infants

Baby cots are not available for this flight. You can travel with infants on your lap or bring your own baby cot.

• Travelling with Animals

• In the cargo hold
The total of 4 animals total is allowed in this flight on the Cargo Hold. The order of preference for using this service will follow the order of booking. You can book the service clicking here.

• In the cabin
The limit of 10 pets total are allowed in the cabin. The order of preference for using this service will follow the order of booking. Travelling with a pet is not allowed in business class.

Only cats and dogs are allowed. You can book the service clicking here.

• Special Catering

No special catering is allowed. Catering service will be reduced to follow the guidelines issued by EASA.

• Oversized baggage

Oversized baggage, such as surfboard is not allowed. The limit of 2 Bikes are allowed. You can book the service clicking here.

• Seating and Special Seats

Seat assignment will be done at the airport, during check-in. Is not possible to reserve a seat in advance. Upgrade seating options will be available after the booking is closed.

Travel Documents and Restrictions

Travel restrictions are changing constantly. Passengers are required to have the correct documentation for travelling to Europe. Therefore, to guarantee that all passengers match the current travel restrictions in place,  the flowing passengers can book this flight:

  • EU citizens and nationals of the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland and the members of their immediate family (spouse, unmarried minor children, parents of minors) are exempted from the travel restrictions.
  • The same applies to third-country nationals who already have a long-term right of residence in an EU member state or a Schengen country or the United Kingdom (residence permit or long-term visa) and the members of their immediate family. Schengen visas are not considered a long-term residence and will not be accepted on this flight.
  • Third-country nationals (without a long-term visa or residence permit), transiting less than 24 hours in an international area to reach their country of origin and who are holders of a travel document to this country. Please, be aware you cannot leave the transit area and will not have access to your luggage. Your next flight from Frankfurt must be a direct flight to outside Europe.

For more information about arrivals in Germany, you can check the most up-to-date information on the embassy site:


Please, be aware this is a special repatriation flight. If you don`t have a passport or a resident permit/long-term visa issued by an EU member state or a Schengen country or the United Kingdom,  and your final destination is inside  Europe, without the correct documentation you cannot board this flight. In order to avoid delays on departure, travel documents will be pre-checked by ENVOY and at the airport.

The EU has lifted the restrictions for third-country nationals from a few countries. Please, check if this is applicable to you HERE.

Priority for booking will be given to:

  • German citizens, EU citizens and nationals of the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland and the members of their immediate family (spouse, unmarried minor children, parents of minors).
  • Third-country nationals who already have a longer-term right of residence in an EU member state or a Schengen country or the United Kingdom (residence permit or long-term visa) and the members of their immediate family.- You must already have a residence in the EU.  Schengen visas are not considered as a long-term residence.
  • Third-country nationals connecting via Frankfurt to their final destination within 24 hours.

Note: Please, have in mind that this information applies to Germany. If you are heading to another country after arriving in Frankfurt, you should check what is the applicable regulation and requirement for your final destination.

Booking Process

The booking works on a “first-come, first-served basis”. We will open 249 seats for booking, plus a waiting list of 25 seats. Booking will be close before the flight date or once seats are sold out.

  1. You can reserve your seat via our website.
  2. After the check-out, you will receive an order number via email. You also will receive via email the instructions for bank transfer. Please, you will need this Order Number when contacting us and in the next steps. You must include the order number when paying via Bank Transfer, otherwise, we are unable to identify your payment.
  3. Your seat is pre-reserved at the moment you finish the check-out and receive an order number.
  4. Once the payment is received, your order is confirmed and the seat is booked.

Once we close the booking process, you will receive a link to inform the passenger’s information and travel documents. Then you will receive an electronic ticket by email.

Please, note that because we remove unpaid bookings from the system, the number of seats available can change every time you check the website.


Via ENVOY website, at checkout page, passengers can select how they wish to pay for their flight.

  • Bank Transfer: (Update 19/09 – Reserving a seat with bank transfer is not possible anymore)
    • Bank transfer to ENVOY’s account at ING Bank in The Netherlands. Bank details for transfer are provided on your booking confirmation via e-mail. Please, check if your confirmation is not in your Spam inbox or in your “All E-mails” folder (Gmail users).
    • Please, include your Order Number as a reference when doing your payment transfer.
    • You must send the proof of transfer and your Order Number within 24 hours to finance@flyenvoy.com
      • The status of your order will show “Processing” after we receive your proof of payment. It means your seat is pre-reserved.
      • The status of your order will show “Completed” after the money is cleared in our bank account.  It means your seat and your booking is confirmed.

In case proof of payment are not received, the booking is cancelled, so the seats can be made available for other passengers. Doing so, we avoid postponing everyone’s journey because of payment delays.

  • Credit Card

Due to the problems with credit cards during our last flight from Laos, we will not be offering credit card payment for this flight, at this moment. We are working with our credit card service providers to have this service reinstated again soon. In case the service is available in the coming days, we will notify passengers by email.

(Update 19/09 – Reserving a seat paying with credit card is possible between 19/09 and 21/09). A credit card transaction fee of 2.9% applies.


From the passenger

Tickets are non-refundable if the passenger decides to cancel the trip after payment (that included if they are denied boarding due to wrong travel documentation, immigration issues or not wearing the facemask).

Tickets are also non-transferable. In case of a passenger missing their flight, or being denied boarding due to safety risk, the same rule applies.

From ENVOY and its Operators

In case the flight is cancelled due to the landing permits or insurance not being granted, passengers are not liable to pay any cancellation fee. Any amount paid will be fully refundable via bank transfer, as follows:

  1. Passengers will receive a link to provide their bank details.
  2. ENVOY will process the refund within 14 days after receiving passengers the bank details.
    Refunds are in Euros.

In case the flight is postponed for more than 48 hours after the original date, we will cancel the flight and passengers will receive a full refund.

COVID Measures

  • Quarantine  

Quarantine is not required from passengers arriving from Laos. Please, note that this information is applicable to Germany. If your final destination is another country, please consult what are the regulations applicable at your destination.

  • Mandatory Use of Face Mask on Board and At Airports

This flight will follow the guideline issued by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency). According to EASA regulation,  1.5 meters social distance cannot be guaranteed on board. Therefore all passengers must wear a facemask covering mouth and nose during all duration of the flight and in the airport. You are not allowed to board the flight without wearing a facemask.


After the booking is confirmed, communications between ENVOY and its passengers will be through email. For urgent matters, a live chat box is available via ENVOY’s website during business hours (09:00 am – 12:00 pm Central European Time).
Communication is done primarily in English.

Data Processing and Consent

Passenger details will be shared with flight operator, embassies and government authorities.
Sharing this data is crucial for the performance of the flight. When agreeing with the terms of the flight, you also agree with the sharing of your data.

General terms and conditions for this flight can be found here.