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Without requiring any upfront payment or paid subscription, members have the freedom to choose which of the service they want, while enjoying the benefits of flying private.

It is the starting point to experience a better way of flying.

our pay-as-you-go

Members Benefits

With access to members-only benefits, you are able to book a flight, be the first to know about new shared flights where you can book per seat and exclusive Empty-legs.


Global Private Charter

Access to ENVOY network of 7.000 aircraft across the globe. Midsize, super-mid, and large-cabin aircraft – perfect to match any flight requirement.


Exclusive Empty Legs

Empty-legs with 75-85% discount over the charter price, published for member-only first. Reserve your last-minute flight deal ahead anyone else, for leisure or business.


Book Per Seat

Access to ENVOY One, where you can book per seat in shared flights paying 1/10 of a charter price. Book a single on-demand seat at competitive rates.


Flight Manager Service

Nothing replaces the human touch.

You have full access to our Flight Manager Service whenever you book a full charter.


Exclusive Referral

Access to your exclusive referral code. For every new friend and family you bring to the program, you have access to special deals for booking with ENVOY One. 


Unbundle Services

The most competitive rates when booking a full charter, with the option to add additional services as you need, with our add-ons. 

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