Ways to Fly

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Flight anywhere, anytime with ENVOY. We built a one-stop-shop for everything you need when flying private, while giving you full control to assemble all aspects of your journey.



Ways to Join


Ways to Fly

Private Charter

It gives you the total control of your flight. Unbeatable level of service at competitive rates.

Shared Flight

It is the most affordable option when you don`t need the entire aircraft for yourself.


On Demand

No hiding fee, no upfront investment or jet card payments. You just pay for the flights and services you need.

Flights assembled to match your requirements regarding journey, date, time, catering preferences, among others.

Clients have access to ENVOY Smart Quote, which provides full transparency of service and competitive rates.

Empty Legs

Flying in an empty leg route can be 75% cheaper than a normal charter flight.

Aircraft usually need to fly empty to return to its previous destination and pick up its next set of passengers. Discover super discounts to fly. 

Group Charter

Special arrangements for groups.

Fly to sport competitions, concerts or conferences with your entire team and colleagues, on your own terms and on your own aircraft. Might not be that expensive as you think.  


Envoy One

Book per seat in selected routes.

Enjoy the benefits of flying on-board a private aircraft with others, paying a fraction of the cost of a normal charter.

Shuttle Service

Special flights that you can book a seat to go to specific events.

Fly to sports competition, shows or fairs at a rate as competitive as a business class ticket.

Ways to Enjoy


Our free membership level is simple, with no strings attached or commitments. Simply choose the flight  you need and book any time you like.

ENVOY Horizon

Gives clients significant benefits, designed to improve your travel experience. It serves all flyers, from occasional flyers to those travelling regularly.