We go to your rescue when other airlines don't.

Join our charter flights and fly away from areas affected by  flight cancellations.

Due to the corona-virus  crisis, commercial flights have been grounded in some areas.  We have special flights to help you and your loved ones fly back home.


Where Airline meets Private

Fly Back Home Safely



Split the cost of the charter with other travellers. 


Be informed of all steps taken to secure your flight.


Get full refund in 14 days in case of flight cancellations. 


We take care of all bureaucracy and hassle. You book and fly.  

Special Rescue Flights

€1.085* per Seat

Special rescue flight from  Laos (Wattay International Airport) to Frankfurt, non-stop.

*Starting price

Date: 01/10/2020

Aircraft: Boeing 767

Seats: 249

Pre-reserve for : NA

€1.025 per Seat

Special rescue flight from  Laos (Wattay International Airport) to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), non-stop.

Date: 20/07/2020

Aircraft: Boeing 767

Seats: 250

Pre-reserve for : €NA

€1.135 per Seat

Special rescue flight from Cambodia (Phnom Penh International) and Laos (Wattay International Airport) to Frankfurt, non-stop.

Date: 19/06/2020

Aircraft: Boeing 767

Seats: 240

Pre-reserve for : NA


Most frequent questions

In order to make sure all passengers have a legit interest to fly, since we confirm flights according to demand.

The pre-booking fee is a small advance upon the ticket price. Once you need to pay for the seat, you will get the pre-booking fee as a discount on the ticket price.

You pre-reserve your seat. When the flight is confirmed, you are able to book it and proceed with the full reservation.

It’s the last day to pre-reserve a seat or cancel a reservation. In this date, we inform the clients if the flight is going to proceed or not.

Yes. If you have no interest to fly, the pre-booking fee is fully refundable before the deadline date.

It is also fully refundable if the flight is not confirmed.

You receive the flight details and are requested to pay the remaining amount for your seat. Once payment is received, you get the boarding pass and you are ready to fly.

You can get more information HERE.

Or you can contact ENVOY (HERE) and we will be happy to answer any question.